Lattice Wind Mast

The lattice wind masts, with height up to 125m, offered by SME Consult are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Easy to install, lower, remove and maintain, these masts are one of the best options for wind resource assessment activities when sensor maintenance is likely to occur as they are easily climbable. Designed to withstand winds in excess of 178 km/h these mast are structurally suited for the windiest sites.

The primed and painted steel elements and the reinforced baseplates of these masts ensure stability in cases of strong winds and icing conditions. One of the advantages of the lattice masts is the increased rigidity of the section and their greater stability in cases of buckling due to icing.

The lattice wind masts provide the option for installed sensors revision – replacement and repair of the sensors without the need for mast lowering. Therefore, these constructions ensure cheaper servicing and maintenance.

Download lattice wind masts brochure click here

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