Lattice Wind Masts

The lattice wind masts, now up to 125m, offered by SME Consult are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Easy to install, lower, remove and maintain, these masts are one of the best options for wind resource assessment activities when sensor maintenance is likely to occur as they are easily climbable. Designed to withstand winds in excess of 178 km/h these masts ….

 Tubular Wind Masts 

The tubular wind masts are assembled from high performance mechanical grade steel tubes that slot together without the use of fastening devices, ensuring a high tolerance fit and easy assembly on site. Hot dip galvanizing of the whole tube ensures 20 year corrosion resistance. Each mast is supplied complete with ... 

Data Loggers

We have built experience in the installation and operation of different types of data loggers. Our purpose is to respond to the specific needs of our clients by offering different options of wind resource measuring equipment...


 Variety of sensors

We offer a range of sensors including anemometers, wind vanes, pressure, temperature, humidity sensors, and more. And the Nomad 2 logger is designed to work with virtually any sensor you need for your study. The sensors are of high ...

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