Lattice Wind Masts

Now up to 125m! The  lattice wind masts offered by SME Consult are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Easy to install, lower, remove and maintain, these masts are one of the best options for wind resource assessment activities when sensor maintenance is likely to occur as they are easily climbable.

Tubular Wind Masts

SME Consult is the main supplier of tubular wind measuring masts, manufactured by the British company NexGen. The range of masts offered include 10m Light Mast, 30,40 and 50m Class One tubular masts and 60,70 m Hi Masts. The tubular masts design provides easy transportation and assembly on site.


Data Loggers

We have built experience in the installation and operation of different types of data loggers. Our purpose is to respond to the specific needs of our clients by offering different options of wind resource measuring equipment.

Wind Mast Installation

SME Consult delivers and installs wind masts with heights from 30 to 125 metres both lattice and tubular. The installation works can take between one and four days depending on the mast height and type as well as on the site conditions.

A wind mast can contain variety of sensors such as Anemometers, Wind vanes, Barometric pressure sensors, Humidity sensors, Temperature sensors, Solar radiation sensors, etc. We can install all types and models of sensors and data loggers delivered by SME Consult or by the client.

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