Ammonit Data Logger


The Ammonit data logger ensures high precision measurements  according to the measurement processing and data security standards and requirements of professional wind consultants. Furthermore the logger is very flexible and user-friendly.

The very low power consumption of the data logger and the selected sensors enables operations without a connection to a mains power supply, whilst using batteries or a solar module. A wide range of accessories allows for simple system solutions even under extreme climatic conditions.

Standards of Ammonit Data Logger:

- Recording Measurement series at freely programmable intervals
- Producing wind statistics for energy prediction
- Slow-motion Recording (SMR) of wind data for special events
- User-friendly three buttons and two line display
- Designed for use over a temperature range from -40 to + 85 Degree Celsius
- Low-power electronics and stand-by operations
- Internal clock with a deviation of < 5 ppm over the entire temperature range (appr.12 s/months)
- Emergency power supply by standard 9 V block battery, lithium type optional
- Socket for external power supply 10...26 V DC
- Separate power supply for wind sensors with trip switch
- GSM/GPRS option for data transfer and email / SMS
- Remote control and data transmission through world wide web
- Internal monitor of power source and internal temperature
- Plausibility checks of measurement values
- Generation of warnings (GSM option)
- Non volatile 4000 KB memory (approx. 2 000 000 measurements)
- Update of user software via serial interface and GSM
- RS232-interface for data transfer (38400 baud)
- Data compression to accelerate data transfer up to 30%
- RS485-interface, e.g. for connecting ultrasonic anemometers, SCADA, visibility sensor
-User-friendly software for Multi-Logger-Management with graphical user interface


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