Nomad 2 Data Logger

The Nomad 2 data logger offers advanced functionality and simplified installation while reducing system costs. With its advanced low-power circuitry, real-time operating system, and Windows™-compatible Compact Flash cards, Nomad 2 collects and secures the data you need.

• 12 counter (anemometer) inputs
• 8 analog (vane, temperature, etc.) inputs
• Data sampling at 1 Hz
• 1, 10, 60 minute and hourly intervals
• Average, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, total, cycles, sample functions
• 4x20 alphanumeric display screen, LCD or VFD
• -40° to +85°C operating temperature
• Integrated steel enclosure, lockable and NEMA4 watertight
• Internal lightning protection circuitry

Includes: (4) 9V alkaline batteries, (4) multi-cable grips, serial cable, user's manual, Nomad Desktop™ software, and a 32MB Compact Flash card.

• 32MB Compact Flash Card
• Compact Flash Card Reader for USB Port
• PCMCIA Compact Flash Card Reader
• 9 Volt Lithium Batteries
• Vacuum Fluorescent Display
• Water Proof Cable Gland Kit
• Solar Package
• GSM Package
• Analog Package
• CDMA Package
• Landline Package
• Satellite Package

Download Product Brochure

Download Nomad Desktop Product Brochure 

Download Nomad Desktop Software

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