30,40,50m Class One Mast

The Class One WindMasts are made from high performance steel tubing and are the only temporary wind monitoring masts designed to pass BS5950 structural integrity standards on a European Class One wind site.

The WindMast is assembled at ground level so your installation crew don't need experience or specialised equipment for working at heights. All instrumentation can be fitted and tested prior to erecting the WindMast.

A standard Ginpole system is used to make installation even easier and the addition of a mini ginpole provides improved performance, safety and reliability. Once installed the WindMast enables accurate wind assessment at the necessary height, with mimimal visual impact. The objective is for you to leave behind 'only footprints'. No concrete is required for installation and the WindMast can be lowered and removed without trace at the end of its monitoring period.

Every WindMast order is individually packed in a sturdy wooden crate suitable for transportation worldwide.

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