60,70m Hi Mast

The all new 60m and 70m HiMast incorporate a unique design that is revolutionising the wind monitoring industry. Made from spiral tubing the HiMast is able to withstand harsher environments than any of its competitors.

In response to the customers' requests for stronger towers that can handle the harshest conditions at very remote sites, while keeping them lightweight for easy transportation, NexGen has devised an innovative solution by creating a mast that is essentially a 'stiff spring', to absorb any unwanted movement. The lightweight HiMast tubes are constructed in the same way as a cardboard tube, by winding steel in a spiralling technique. Both the 60m and 70m HiMast consists of steel tubes, each no more than 3m in length, making transportation and installation easier for any site. The lower tubes have a diameter of 220mm, whilst the upper tubes have a reduced diameter of 152mm. This not only reduces shipping costs but more importantly allows less wind resistance. The HiMast is quite simply the ultimate mast.

Joiner and guy plate combination
Traditionally, wind mast tubes have either bolted or slotted together but there are disadvantages for both designs as masts get higher. Bolted masts are generally very heavy and need to be professionally installed, with the chance that bolts may come loose or be lost. Slot together masts tend to be fairly lightweight, however one of the major problems encountered by slot together masts is icing. When ice forms, the increased weight can force the tubes to slide down into each other in the heavily loaded lower section on masts above 50m tall. This results in guys slackening, reducing both performance and stability.

Yet again, the solution was to design something simple but effective. A special connector is slotted into the end of each HiMast tube. Its centre disc plate can also double up as a square guy plate with holes drilled in each corner to attach the guy wires. When icing occurs, the plate between each section prevents the tube from slipping. Heavy duty 6mm guy wires are supplied with all HiMasts as standard, along with a reinforced, hinged base plate. The base plate can be used on any ground; if it's boggy, wooden planks can be easily inserted underneath if necessary.

15m Ginpole
Other standard features of all WindMasts and HiMasts are hot-dip galvanised steel construction and a 10 year warrantly against tube corrosion. Ginpoles are supplied for all tower heights and a new plug-together 15m ginpole is available for the HiMast. By not incorporating the ginpole hinge into the mast baseplate, a much better engineered solution to the problems of erecting these very tall masts is offered.

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