A100R Anemometer by Vector

A100 Series Anemometers are robustly constructed using weather resisting plastics, anodised aluminium and stainless steels enabling them to withstand continuous exposure to the weather, including marine environments, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where accuracy and sensitivity are important.

The A100 series anemometers all share the same basic construction and use the same R30 series 3-cup Rotors. Different internal modules and components are used to provide various output signals. The use of a precision ball-race mounted shaft ensures the essential low threshold speed and good repeatability. The outline and mechanical design, common to all the A100 series, remains largely unchanged since the introduction of the original Porton™ Anemometer in 1972, the electronics modules being continuously developed during this time to provide a well tried, durable and reliable product. 

The A100R is an anemometer designed for "run of wind" or average wind speed measurements when used with an electronic counter or a data logger.The calibrated 3-cup R30 series rotor drives an actuator in a carefully balanced magnet system with the resulting varying field operating a reed switch (contact opens and closes once per rotor revolution). The reed switch is mercury-wetted which results in bounce-free operation.

No power is required other than that necessary to detect the reed-switch contact opening/closing making this instrument ideal for use at remote sites.


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