Thies First Class Wind Direction Transmitter

The wind direction transmitter serves for the detection of the horizontal wind direction in the field of meteorology and the technology of environmental protection.

Special characteristic include:

- High level of measuring accuracy and resolution
- High damping ratio at a small delay distance
- Low strating threshold
- Magnetic coupling, which is free of hysteresis and wear, situated between the axis of vane and
- Electronic protective circuit for the limiting of current, and against erroneous connection
- Easy removal and mounting when changing the ball bearing

The dynamic characteristics of the wind vane are achieved by the aluminum light-weight construction. The co-action of wind vane and balance weight results in a high damping ratio with small delay distance as excellent characteristis of the complete vane.

The axis of the wind vane is running in ball bearings, and is coupled, in contact less magnetic manner, with the axis of the intergrated potentiometer. Thus, clearance and friction in the coupling are avoided, and an easy starting is guaranteed.

The outer parts of the instrument are made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Highly effective labyrinth gaskets and O-rings protect the sensitive parts inside the instrument against humidity and dust.

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