Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer

Measuring of powercurves and site expert’s reports are the prior task for this instrument. This special patented design is the result of long  time experiences. Optimised, dynamic performance also at:

- low power instrument
- high accuracy
- high turbulence-intensity
- minimum overspeeding
- excellent linearity r >0,99999
- low start up value

The Anemometer is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal component of the wind velocity in the field of meteorology and environmental measuring technology, evaluation of location, and measurement  of capacity characteristics of wind power systems. The Anemometer meets all requirements of IEC 61400-12-1 (2005-12) for an instrument of the accuracy class 0.5. Special characters are a defined and optimised, dynamic behaviour also at high turbulence intensity, minimal over-speeding, and a low  starting value.

The measuring value is available at the output as digital signal. It can be transmitted to display  instruments, recording instruments, data loggers as well as to process control systems.

For winter  operation the instrument (4-3351.00.000) is equipped with an electronically regulated heating, which guarantees a smooth running of the ball bearings, and prevents the shaft and slot from icing-up.


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