SWI Thermistor

The SWI Thermistor is designed specificaly for use with the Nomad 2 data logger. It consists of a 10K type thermistor encased in an aluminum shaft, and comes pre-wired with 3.5 meters of sensor cable.

The thermistor's resistance changes with temperature, following a known but non-linear curve. The Nomad 2 measures the resistance of the thermistor and uses a lookup table with over 4,096 values to determine the temperature. The sensor is wired to 2.5V+ excitation on the data logger's terminal strip, and will run on the 9V power being supplied to the logger.

• No active electronic components
• High reliability and stability, no calibration necessary
• Accurate to ±0.2°C between 0° to 50°C
• -40° to +105°C temperature range

• Radiation Shield for Temperature Sensor and Thermistor

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